Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lost passwords & shiny objects

I started reblogging again on Monday; Tuesday I forgot my password. I either saw a shiny object or a squirrel...or maybe it was a shiny squirrel. At any rate, after a day of trying to figure it out, I figured out how to reset and this time have written it down. Now to remember where I wrote it down.

As of today, I officially have only 6 days left until I go back to work. I took the first two weeks of the new year off to organize my house, and hopefully, at the same time, organize my life. I think this would have been better accomplished if I had started on Vyvanse prior to taking the time off. I find it extremely hard to focus and/or concentrate on any one thing at any given moment for longer than 20 minutes before another thought pops into my mind and I MUST immediately go do that task. I have always been like that but I think that as I age it is either getting worse or I am more acutely aware of it. Either way, it's time to do something about it.

The downstairs, minus the playroom, is complete. I completed my bedroom yesterday. I will work on one of the boys rooms today and the other tomorrow, and lastly, it will be my office. I need that to be as orderly as possible in order to create a zen like work atmosphere. January is almost half over and I would like this to be THE year that I accomplish somethiing and get out of the rut that my wheels have been spinning in for far too long.

Off to start on that task.....awwww, look at those squirrels chasing each other....what was I going to do???

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The Lazy Perfectionist said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, we accomplish great things each and every day. We just don't always realize it. Besides, squirrels are just really cute!